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God is An Astronaut

The Beginning Of The End Tour 22/23

+++ Die Tour und somit der auch der Verlegungstermin müssen noch ein weiteres mal geändert werden. Neuer Termin: 02.09.22 Alle bisher gekauften Tickets behalten ihr Gültigkeit und wir hoffen euch bald LIVE zu sehen. +++

Hier das Statement der Band:

We hope this finds you well.
Unfortunately, we have some more changes to the touring schedule for 2022 and beyond.

Over the last few years, as most of you already know, we have been unable to tour due to the pandemic and the restrictions they have brought. Some of the band have become dependent on other forms of income outside of music and can longer commit to the busy touring schedules of the past. To this end we have had to cancel and reschedule over 22 shows. Sheffield, Manchester and Gothenburg have been cancelled and refunded; all the other shows will take place over the next 18 months as below. All tickets remain valid!

2022 also marks our 20th Anniversary, “The Beginning of the End” tour will shift focus to mark this occasion by featuring songs from the last 2 decades and a special Anniversary release of the same name comes out on “Napalm Records” on July 15th. We are excited to share this with everyone, more details coming soon.
Our sincerest apologies, this is the best we can do for now and we hope to see some of you very soon!

GIAA ++++

Die irischen Post-Rock Helden von God Is An Astronaut werden anlässlich des 15-jöhrigen Jubiläums ihres Meilenstein-Albums „All Is Violent, All Is Bright“ selbiges in kompletter Länge am 06.05.20 im Musikzentrum live spielen.

Ausgeklügeltes Songarrangement , treibende Beats und scharfe Riffs lassen ihre Konzerte zu einem ganz besonderen Konzerterlebnis werden. Wer auf spannendes Songwriting und instrumentale Songs steht, sollte sich die Gelegenheit diese Wucht live zu erleben nicht entgehen lassen.

God Is An Astronaut - Echoes HD