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The Plot In You

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Everything needs to break in order to be built back up again, and a new beginning often waits to unfold just beneath the rubble.

When it does rise from the ashes, it’s worth all of the turmoil. Just ask The Plot In You. In the midst of personal and professional challenges, the Ohio quartet—Landon Tewers [vocals], Josh Childress [guitar], Ethan Yoder [bass], and Mathis Arnell [drums]—began recording what would become their fourth full-length album and first for Fearless Records, DISPOSE.

The process spurned the genesis of this next chapter for the band. For the first time, The Plot In You enlisted the talents of a producer, namely Drew Fulk. Another first, the band worked together to fine tune the music sonically; whereas, on previous records, songwriting and recording fell solely to Landon. As a result, these ten tracks comprise their most cohesive body of work to date.

Lyrically, the songs depict a toxic personal relationship where, in the past, Landon had focused on formative years and fictional scenarios. In DISPOSE, the topics hit on a more intimate level about an experience as it unfolded in the moment.

“During the writing process, I chronicled the downward spiral of a relationship, which I explored through my songwriting,” Landon explains. “By the time we got into the studio, it was completely over, and I unleashed everything I was feeling onto the record.”

Simultaneously, it represents a marked evolution. “I wanted to stay true to myself,” Landon continues. “I didn’t want to appease anyone. As a result, it was the most honest approach we’ve ever taken. I’m so proud of what we did. I didn’t have to scream to get a point across. The feeling is there.”

The first single “FEEL NOTHING” pairs guitar delay with an explosive refrain, “I feel nothing for you.” Within a few months of release, it impressively generated over millions of streams on Spotify and YouTube, announcing the band’s rebirth.

“That was one of the first songs we wrote for the record,” recalls Landon. “You get to that point of a relationship where you feel like you can’t even look at this other person anymore. Everything is really grim and hopeless. No matter what we do or talk about, it still doesn’t feel like things have

changed or gotten better. That’s relatable in any relationship or even family. It speaks for the whole record the best.”

Then, there’s the catchy confessional of “NOT JUST BREATHING,” which tempers dark lyrics with a delicate groove. Meanwhile, “DISPOSABLE FIX” sees the band taking a collective step forward, yielding the title between stark admissions while showcasing the group’s eclectic style, creative flair, and confidence to step out of the norm.

As a collective body of work, the word DISPOSE has a lot of significance. Landon explains, “Sometimes, we have to get rid of the negative things in our lives to grow as human beings. You have to make a decision about your suffering to cut the tie and see what happens. It fit everything we were going through.”

That kind of emotion has connected The Plot In You to listeners since day one. Over the course of three full-length albums, the group has spent years crafting their unique take on modern rock, transcending genres from metalcore to alternative, delivered fan favorite anthems such as “My Old Ways” and “Take Me Away,” and landed on the Billboard Top 200 with their third album Happiness In Self Destruction.

Now, DISPOSE positions The Plot In You to make their deepest impact yet. “I’d love for people to be inspired to take the reins and control of their lives when they realize they’re in a bad relationship of any form,” Landon leaves off. “There’s a positive in DISPOSE after all.”

The Plot In You - FEEL NOTHING (Official Music Video)